Sunday, March 30, 2008


i know it has been forever since i wrote on this blog but its been a really really full two weeks. its one of those times that is so full of stuff that I could write so much and feel overwhelmed so i don't write anything.
but some good news. remember A and B...those are the two boys that we got into boarding school. (beth's servant team know them!) well the boys have been in temporary care for the past 8 months at a boarding school rather far away...but now they got admission to the AG boys home. This is awesome. They will get to learn English, go to an amazing amazing school......they will have a future. The school is just outside the city so their mom, P, can go visit them (as well as us!!!) We have been waiting for this news for a really really long time. Wahooo!!!!
we had visitors....our friends Tammy, Dylan, Molly and Grant, all who now live in Bangalore. They were such an encouragement while they were here. They come here to stay with us for three days of their vacation.....and end up blessing us!!!! They had an amazing prayer time for us and i just feel once again God is longing for me to receive His love without having to prove myself. season has started. it hasn't been so bad so far but for the first time in about 5 months on saturday when i was sitting in a chair my legs were sweating and sticking to the chair. just have to remember that its just a season!!!!

i love finding or being found by friends on facebook who i haven't talked to since i was in high school. it brings back such funny memories. i love that i got a really long email from a friend i haven't heard from in a couple months. i love that all my pillow cases are all different colors. i love that our friend charollette is going to have her baby any day now!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Ma!!!

Well, my mom and aunt susie left last night. its sad. it was great to have my mom here. i think we got to know each other better here. its was like having all my worlds clashing at once for me. very rarely does that happen. my life in america is very separate from my life here in kolkata. i always talk about bringing kolkata with me to America but this time i was able to take america with me to share with my friends in kolkata. it was great. my mom and aunt did great. they had such great attitudes when they got tired and were willing to try most things (even eating with their hands). i was really really proud of them. i think it was my favorite part to be able to take them with me to the red-light area and SB. it was so great to introduce the most important people in my life to the most important people in my life. we got to go see the taj mahal, go on a trek in nepal, meet chris hueurtz, not go to sudder st.... even once (am proud of that), be so sore together we could hardly walk, bryiani with the SB ladies, go on a boat ride here, have tea on the streets, walk the line in the gatch and so many awesome things. however, today i am going to do nothing but watch TV and eat the Cheetos that my mom brought me.

me and the ma at the taj mahal..............
this is the view from the picnic bench at one of the cabins we stayed at on our trek
don't my aunt and my mom look so freakin beautiful!!! the ladies dressed them up in saris.
one of the little restaurants we ate at on our trek....note: this is before we actually had trekked and we are still looking fresh and ready for what is ahead.
beth and i keepin' it real nepali style
i love when my mom start laughing so much she can't control herself. i love that everyone that meets my mom likes her. i love that my aunt susie is her beautiful spunky self. i love that all three of us mush our ice cream. i love the comfort that can only come from family...especially my mom. i love that i got a huge from my mom when i went to bed here in kolkata. i love that my mom and aunt's heart hurt for the ladies in the gatch. i love that my family got to see why SB is such a hopeful place. i love my aunt susie. i love my mom.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Power Ballads

so my mom comes in two and 1/2 days!! can you believe it. i am so excited that i am having a hard time planning the details and staying focused about actually working.
however, i was in the coffee shop today and i heard the song "silent lucidity". do you guys remember that song? i couldn't remember who sang it so i went to i tunes and its qeenryche. do you guys remember them??? i found this amazing collection called "Power Ballads: The Basics" and if you are of my generation you have to take a listen. It brings back sooo many memories. Its middle and high school all over again.
bon jovi, scorpions, bryan adams, poison....its so good.
i am a sucker for music that makes me remember.

had a good weekend. i have to admit out loud that yesterday i watched 7 hours of grey anatomy. wow. that is a lot of freakin television folks. and the thing is i don't ever want to own a tv because i tend to watch it all the time if i have it....but i guess it doesn't matter, tv, vcr, all sucks me in!!!

i love grey's anatomy 2nd season. i love that my mom and i just talked for an hour about really nothing even though i am going to see her in two days. i love tha tmy mom is going to get to smell, taste, hear and experience india for herself. i love that my hair is cute and curly today. i love that my mom makes me laugh. i love that i feel like God is breaking off of me lies i belive about who i am. i love that i looked at an "us" magazine i found at a bookstore yesterday from jan and i didn't know any of the names of movies or the new movie stars.