Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well....i am back in the US. it has been an exciting couple months after i left india. I have had my wallet stolen, been to a tropical paradise. said by to my kolkata girls, been in a car accident, and been to lots of countries....and i am home. i got to spend a week with my brother and then a week with my family in amarillo,tx where we celebrated christmas a little early. then it was back to clearwater (finally!!!) and had spent christmas day with my family here. will write about being home soon. i will just say for now its good to be home!! my aunt mary taught me how to make my grandma's homemade chocolate pie with homemade pie crust. it was cool.
my aunt mary giving my grandpa a hair cut.

my counsins and i.

me and my mom and christmas eve.

and look...........its olivia!!!!!!!!! isn't she so amazing!! its so cool!!!
i love my mom so much. i love talking with renaud on skype. i love 70 degree winters. i love the warm sunon my skin at the beach. i love crossing things off my to-do list. i love that the gators won the national championship.